Words with Friends: Social Gaming and Word Brain Training Rolled into One

words with friends

For anybody who hasn’t heard about Words With Friends before, it is a stimulating crossword game that you can play against your family, friends, or any other casual opponent who is on your list of contacts.  Words With Friends HD is in essence an iPhone and Android substitute to the traditional Scrabble game that is played on a board. You can search for a mate by their username, play with another casual player, or you have the choice to pass-and-play with your friend using one single device.  Here are seven basic things that you really need to know about playing this game:

You must move all you’re squares so that you can make a word that gives you maximum points.

Triple Word (TW), Double Letter (DL), Triple Letter (TL), and Double Word (DW) all mean that you get additional score points.

Each player has the opportunity to play online or pass-and-play with somebody who is inside the same room.

You have the choice to challenge a casual player, otherwise you can request a buddy of yours to come along and play with you.

You will find a Chat Button located on the right hand corner (on the top of the screen); this lets you have a chat with your rival online whilst you’re playing.

Each player is told when it’s their own turn to make a word every time.

Everybody who plays has the option to challenge their mates and send them an invitation to play via Twitter or Facebook.

Obviously, Words With Friends HD is the iPad edition of Words With Friends that is for iPhones. The two editions are virtually identical games and are similar to Scrabble, with the exception that the HD edition has been improved for the bigger screens on iPad’s.  Moreover, the most recent change to Words With Friends HD assists in further optimising it for Apple’s record breaking tablet.

Words with Friends on iPhones has become a passion for many people.  This Scrabble-like entertainment is admired so much by all Apple followers because it has a straightforward design and is effortless when it comes to playing online. People who would never have picked up a device before have started to challenge other casual players with different Words With Friends games each week. When we found out that this game was about to hit the iPad, we knew for certain that we had to test it straightaway. 

If you intend to play the iPod/iPhone edition, you’ll have to memorise your password/username so that you can validate this app. If not, just sign up with a fresh username and confirm your email. As soon as this game starts to run, you need to test your mates out by getting them to play with you through their own username, Twitter or Facebook usernames can be used. There are no offline modes that you’re able to practice.  You do get the opportunity to challenge other casual players though if you haven’t got a friend who owns an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. (the games function via separate multi-platforms; somebody using an iPad can play with someone using a desktop computer).

As mentioned above, you will receive a notification telling you each time it’s your turn whilst you play against your mate.  A game can go on for a few weeks dependent on the length of time it takes your friend to respond to you.  Thankfully, you have the choice to play numerous games at the same time.  It is not uncommon for players to have between 4 or 5 games running simultaneously.  Navigating all the tiles is almost the same as it is on the iPhone edition, although it’s on a bigger scale.  There is some room on the monitor screen to allow the game’s selector or the chat screen to come up at the same as pop-ups instead of having to turn the board off.  This makes communication really difficult; however. 

It is very easy to play Words With Friends.  You must make a word on the board game, as well as attempt to score the highest points each time it is your own turn to play.  Use the triple word and letter, and double letter and word multipliers to maximise your scores.  When it’s their turn, a player can select to play a word, pass or switch each one of their tiles.  It is usually beneficial to keep all your triple multipliers outside of your rival’s grip.  Why? because they can bag an extra 100 points just for a basic word.  A great tip: Shake your iPhone or iPad around a bit if you wish to shuffle any of your tiles.

Whilst this game is quite extraordinary, there’s a handful of things that we find annoying.  You don’t get a total point’s extract on your screen when you test out a word.  You must total all your points by yourself in your own head whilst you test different words out in different places on the board.  Moreover, there are no penalties or challenge systems when someone plays a wrong word, you only get a pop-up informing you that the word cannot be used. This usually encourages people to make words they haven’t heard of before with the sole purpose of gaining big points.  Players tend to do this by testing the letters out by positioning them in various places again and again.


On iPads, all the graphics are rich and completely transparent.  The producer did an excellent job of filling up the whole screen with all the game’s functions.  Some people prefer to play the game on an iPad than an iPhone because it is a lot simpler to pick up the tiles and put them in the right position. 


The only acoustics involved in this game are ding-dongs when you position a word successfully, plus the rings to let you know that you have a notification.  Nonetheless, this kind of game really doesn’t need any other sound effects. If you find that your iPad has been jail broken, you can always listen to something else that is of your own choice whilst you play this game. 


If you love Scrabble, then you are bound to like Zynga’s Words With Friends too – it’s another great choice.  The massive reputation within the Apple world as well as the swift, uncomplicated design of the gameplay turns this game into an incredible buy – there is absolutely no doubt about this. 

Then again, we feel that Word’s With Friends should have used an in-built dictionary and maybe a word list (two letters).  Whilst certain Scrabble perfectionists may mock using these types of additional tools, others might be really fond of them.  Regardless of your personal opinions on this matter, it’s certainly worth downloading Words With Friends. After all, you won’t have to pay anything for it!