Top Apps to Learn English

Top Contenders for the English Crown From Rosetta Stone’s ubiquitous initial marketing campaign to DuoLingo’s millions of users around the world, learning English has never been such a well-assisted task. The apps for both Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are polished, high-end experiences that offer multiple languages, with English being just one of their diversity of […]

Rosetta Stone Review: An expensive but rewarding language package perfect for learning English

“If you want to learn to swim, you need to get in the water” is a phrase used on the Rosetta Stone website, and this certainly shows in this language-learning package’s content and methodology. Its approach to teaching the English language involves immersing the user in words and phrases, utilising a varied approach that involves […]

ABA English Review

At the outset of the learning experience, ABA English gives you the option to either dive right in to the learning process, or alternatively, offers you a proficiency test in order to calculate your level of skill in the comprehension of the language. The latter option certainly makes the most sense if the language-learner is […]