Wordflex Touch Dictionary Review: An Interactive Dictionary with a Difference

wordflex touch dictionary


Get ready to improve your own English and turn into a contemporary Shakespeare with this Wordflex dictionary app. It utilises instinctive “mind-mapping” tools so that word entries can be turned into active trees which you’re able to move around, shape, re-organise, share and save with tapping gestures.

As kids, our mothers used to tell us to use dictionaries every time we had any doubts about what certain words meant, or how to pronounce them. Most of your student life would have probably revolved around a thesaurus and a dictionary. However, we can’t transport a dictionary around with us all the time because we live such hectic lifestyles. This is a good enough reason to justify having the Wordflex dictionary on your iPad which has been designed in association with the Oxford University Press. It’s an incredibly helpful tool.

You might not be familiar with the name Wordflex because it used to be known as Twig. The current Wordflex Touch dictionary has been developed just for iPads and it offers the very first really tangible, interactive point of reference for all the words that there are in the English language.

In general, most online and virtual dictionaries make the people using them scroll to search for the words that they wish to clarify. Nevertheless, Wordflex provides a more captivating and instinctive approach that combines play and structure so that you can get the most out of your learning. If you physically manipulate the word-trees, unlock all the content as you wish and re-organise the workspace on the screen, you’ll definitely feel that discovering more about learning is an interactive and enjoyable journey. Plus, you’ll find what you are searching for much quicker.

wordflex diagram 1

Unique Features

The Wordflex Touch Dictionary has some very unique features compared to other similar virtual tools:

  • Each word that you search for can be seen with a view that is tree-based and has some real physical characteristics so that you can navigate your way around complicated entries.
  • This dictionary includes interactions that are based on gestures. You have the choice to move the nodes around, tap, and scroll, pinch/spread so that you can engage deeply with the words, hence imitating the essential, interactive, excitement of language learning.
  • This iPad dictionary has technology that is innovative and forward looking. It manages to unite some strong academic content with an experience that is totally absorbing; a lively edge that is driven by a dynamic engine plus a really well-organised data base that has a tree structure.
  • Wordflex has an extremely artistic User Interface and HD graphics that are used for text and visuals that are crystalline. With Wordflex, you can share ‘word posters’ through e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, or else a hard copy that is printed too.
  • These days you can get numerous titles from Oxford’s thesaurus and dictionary all within one app. The Wordflex dictionary app has a database that is really vast and rich in content; its size is 771 MB in total. This means that you won’t have to use any other network except if you wish to share it on your social network.
  • The Wordflex Touch Dictionary has full audio pronunciations of words in American and British English.
  • The Wordflex app has various searches with match options, clues, relatives and everyday sentences.
  • The Wordflex dictionary database is packed with information about how to use it, accents and additional things. It has words from the Oxford English, Oxford American as well as the Oxford English Thesaurus. Therefore, you may even learn the antonyms and synonyms of each word that is in this dictionary.

More on Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Assisting you to use the English language creatively, this app is valuable if you are a Student, Writer, Editor, Teacher, and for those whose are learning English as a second language. Moreover, it is useful to those who really wish to develop their English vocabulary.

The Wordflex Touch Dictionary contains a few bad words and from time to time, it has some obscene humour, so you should use your discretion with this app. It is designed for people who are around 10 years or older.

The Wordflex Touch Dictionary is the sort of app that is a bit difficult to explain. It is an actual dictionary that contains all the features and resources of the Oxford University Press, as well as a thesaurus. You’re probably wondering why this app costs $11.99 and also thinking that there are lots of free dictionary apps? There certainly are plenty of free apps but our view point is very different. We are a bunch of nerds, which means that we love learning more information about all the words in the English language. For other people like us, or someone who are a regular writer and deals with words all the time, Wordflex isn’t merely a dictionary – it is a productivity resource and something to have fun with. Let’s learn more about this great dictionary app.

Looking Up Words

Alright, we understand…looking at words in a dictionary isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if we’re totally honest with you, even those who say they like it really don’t like it as much as they say they say they do. In fact, you only go to a dictionary when you want to find out how a word is used, what it means, how it is spelt and how it is pronounced. This kind of activity is hardly exhilarating for sure. Therefore, the developers of Wordflex had a fairly challenging job ahead of them; it would have been easier for them to have tried to get an animal with a broken leg to climb Mt. Snowdon, nevertheless, they managed to achieve their goal and have created an incredibly useful app.

How to Use it

The very first time you load up Wordflex, you will be presented with a basic screen as well as a box so that you can fill a word in. Once you have done that, the word will glide out from the back of your screen and hover around you. All the word variations and words that sound similar (in case you spell something incorrectly) will float everywhere on your screen too. For instance, we typed in “Tests” and got “Texts” also.

All the words simply float into space and are eagerly waiting for you to tap them. There is a small window that comes and then goes through the bottom. It is similar to the notification centre, apart from the fact that it is on the base of your screen so you can flick it up and expose it. There are expressions inside that are all connected to the floating words, which mean you can establish the usage of the word that you wish to learn about. If we return to the example given above, the expressions involve a stylistic feature of text that is journalistic. If it didn’t use this style then there would have been way to too much focus on set texts, which might have put people off reading it.

Expanding a Word

After you tap onto a word, a gorgeous tree blossoms from the middle box, and diagrams the vocabulary where it originates from like a mind-map. The entire little tree branches are labelled with how the word is used – for instance, is it an adjective, noun, verb etc. After that, you have the choice to magnify the small branches with different meanings to discover several interpretations and their sentence structure as well as other things. Have a quick think about how deep all those little holes can go.

Let’s go back to the initial box for a moment though. This box reveals the word and two ways of pronouncing it – the American and British version. You have to tap on the screen symbol that is near the relevant area, and you will hear how the word is said out loud by a Vocalist from the UK or US. On the top corner of the screen there is an orange box too that is varied depending on the vocabulary. This yellow box will give you the origin of the actual word (Orig) that you are looking for.

wordflex diagram


You can move and manipulate any of the branches on the word tree too. For example, if your diagram seems slightly wide then all you have to do is pull and drag the branch to the exact place that you would prefer it to go and it’ll move correctly, leaping carefully whilst it moves. You can get these trees to look very big by including several meanings and variations along your way. You can even pull the branches out if you would like a particular word to be highlighted.

It is remarkably entertaining playing with vocabulary. If you double tap a word, a dotted line that is maroon coloured will appear, implying that the word has been underlined. A pop up box will also appear and it will allow you to bookmark any words that you want.

Creativity through Words

You may be thinking about why you’d wish to move around the tree branches at this stage, apart from the sheer uniqueness of the entire procedure. Anyway, it transpires that there is a social element to Wordflex too. You will see a picture of your own word map in the middle of the screen if you touch the share button (located on the top of the screen). From this moment onwards, you have the option to share your map with your friends on Twitter or Facebook, or you could save it for future reference purposes to your Photos app. You can print your map if you want to as well, which we believe is quite cool for nerds like us. We love to enhance our word geek poster status, and you could do the same too.

One other stylish element this app has is the actual game itself. You will discover odd words hovering around a blue coloured screen when you tap the Shuffle sign which is located on the top corner on the left hand side. You can choose any word randomly that you wish to learn and find out what it means. This isn’t the most exciting aspect of this app; however, it is awesome if you wish to discover some fascinating new words.

The Good Points

  • There are more than 2 million language nodes that you can explore.
  • The app is exciting, intriguing, and is the very first interactive, tactile reference tool for anybody who loves words, including children.
  • This app can help so many people improve their English vocabulary, plus assist those with language delay issues.
  • Wordflex Touch Dictionary allows you to examine words a lot more deeply and it is very simple and instinctive to use.
  • This app offers you unlimited possibilities and uses mind-mapping technology so that word entries are transformed into dynamic trees that you can move and play around with.
  • You can share your mind-maps with your friends on Twitter or Faceboook.
  • The app has a zoom function that you can use so that you can get a closer look at an area that you are interested in or back out so that you can view your full original mind map again.

The Bad Points

  • This app isn’t that cheap unfortunately; it costs $11.99 which sounds like a lot for a dictionary. Indeed, it might have a narrow market, plus word geeks similar to us may be prepared to throw away $12 on educational pleasure, although it is not the sort of app that your average person is likely to purchase as a source of reference to write their daily blog or diary – especially not at the current price.
  • The size is a second minor issue that we have with this app – it is almost a full gigabyte. We know that this is advantageous because you do not have to connect to the internet if you want to use it. However, anybody with a base model iPad might not be in agreement with us on this one. On that note, we were working on a small project last week that involved using a lot of medical terminology, and we had Wordflex next to us the entire time. We couldn’t believe the sorts of words it could find and didn’t even flutter an eyelid – even when it came to words like “causalgia”.

Final Verdict

We loved using Wordflex, and it will surely stay with us for a very long time. It is an interesting, pleasant and excellent tool to download and we are the sorts of people that open it up every day. It may sound sad to some people, but that’s what we love to do and we believe that there are plenty of people out there who also like to explore English words in more detail. If you are really into words in the way that we are, then this app is worth every penny. You might think it’s a bit on the expensive side; however, it is a fabulous and exciting way to search for the meaning of a word. We really don’t think you can put a price on that! It takes a standard dictionary to a completely different level.

We give Wordflex an 8.5/10. It is a must buy for all word fanatics.