Hello English App Review: Achieve Your Learning English Ambitions with Fun Games and Well-Designed Challenges

hello english

What Is Hello English?

If you roll back the clock 10 years for one second and answer this question: what would have been your response if someone told you that becoming familiar with a new language could be achieved by sitting in front of your mobile phone? The answer almost certainly would be one of disbelief or at very least, extreme scepticism. But Hello English is an app that aims to go against this disbelief. So, what is Hello English, and how can it help people learn the English language?

Hello English has become an incredibly popular app that aims to teach non-native English speakers to learn the English language. It achieves this through dynamic, interactive lessons as well as mini-games, and for an additional cost/subscription fee, one-on-one communication with real teachers designed to accelerate and further intensify the learning process. My name is Memuna – memuna.co.uk and and having previously travelled and taught English in South East Asia to students and businesses, I can attest to the apps effectiveness at delivering bite size English and had such apps like this one been around at the time, I would have also incorporated them into lessons.

The main reason for this app’s effectiveness is that instead of say, traditional online English lessons, the app utilises fun mini-games as dynamic lessons using audio in order to familiarise the English-learner with the basics, and then the more complex aspects of the English language. The app provides users with easy-to-comprehend lessons that not only teach common phrases, but that slowly build up the learner’s knowledge of the components of speech.

The most common tool that the app uses is that of presenting the user with words and phrases, where the learner reads and/or listens to an audio clip of a word or phrase in their native language and is required to then select the correct version in a multiple-choice style quiz. Comprehensive explanations of the context and usage of the phrases in question are also provided, making these lessons extremely useful in developing a foundation of understanding not only what common words and phrases are used in English, but also why they are used and why phrases, words, and grammar can change depending on the situation and/or context.

A Bit of Fun, A Lot of Learning

Hello English contains hundreds of different lessons to engage with, so as a user you have plenty of content to get through. The lessons gradually increase in their complexity as you develop a more solid understanding of the language, with the difficulty and range of words/phrases increasing steadily as you complex each lesson and progress to then next block of them.

However, this app doesn’t just utilise written/audio lessons to impart the learner with the basics of English; there are also some fun mini-games that are used to make the process more fun, as well as breaking up what are often the more intensive aspects of the learning process. These mini-games introduce various classical gaming mechanics, with some requiring you to identify the correct versions of words or phrases while under the pressure of a timer. Hello English even goes as far as to reward you with in-game currency as you progress through the lessons. The challenges don’t stop here, either: there are even multiplayer games that include a spelling game and a “Quizathon Challenge”.

It isn’t all fun and games, however – the app’s “Practice” section is a goldmine of practical English-language application. This section contains a variety of different methods to get the learner to engage with the words and phrases they have learned so far. These challenges include a “News” section that requires you to read actual English news articles and then answer questions on the content. “Conversations” is also a useful section – similar to the speak-in feature seen in the DuoLingo app – that utilises your device’s microphone, immersing you head-first in conversational English as you speak the various phrases into the phone and hone your language-speaking skills in the process.

If you tire of the app’s main body of content as a free user, there are also more advanced and intensive courses available as part of the freemium model. There are plenty of lessons to experience without paying for them, but this section allows more advanced users to further hone their skills by paying for the chance to have more intensive lessons, or even the privilege of having a one-on-one interaction with dedicated tutors.

A Great App Non-Natives

Hello English is a very useful tool that can be used to supplement an English learner’s journey through the complexities of the language. It has a well-refined and colourful design, an excellent difficulty progression, around 575 (and growing) lessons, interactive games, multiplayer functionality, and even a bilingual dictionary that caters to 22 different languages, from Urdu to French through to Bengali and Chinese. Most importantly, the app doesn’t seem to restrict its core lessons for non-paying users: it gives everyone access to the main body of content, and simply offers more intensive courses as in-app purchases, and you can check out the Hello English website for further details.

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