Grammarly for UK English: The Easy Grammar Checker, How to Set

image showing grammarly british english setting

Grammarly for UK English is your perfect and easy to use grammar and spell checking assistant. It’s the original pro tool for helping you write emails, blogs, and much more. In fact, I am using it right now to write this article as an Englishman! It will help you not only write clear English but also to learn the correct way to write sentences that can commonly be written incorrectly, even for native English speakers and writers.

The good thing about Grammarly is once you have select British English on one device is will remember that setting on all devices because it’s an account setting change, so first make sure you’re logged in.

In Browser Extension

Click the Grammarly icon in the top right of your browser, then in the setting “I write in” choose British English.

In the Editor

Navigate to your document dashboard and click “profile” on the left. Click the “Language Preference” tab and then select “British English“.

Mobile Keyboard App

Go to “Grammarly Settings“, Click “Language Preference” and choose “British English“.

As time moves on and so does the design of Grammarly, we will keep you updated as to where the preferences are.

Why Use Grammarly?

While Grammarly is an easy-to-use and exceptional tool for none natives to easily get tips on how to improve their English writing it’s very useful for native writers too. While some people may be too proud to use automated tools to clear up their writing, it can be a very handy assistant for those that write a lot where mistakes can easily be overlooked from writing fatigue. After all none of us are robots and we are all prone to errors regardless of how Shakespirian our writing skills are!

There are also some very good alternatives Grammarly that are worth checking out including Whitesmoke and Ginger. Both offer high-quality writing assistant tools on a similar level to Grammarly and all offer a free version to test out which you find best.