Why Are Some Countries Languishing in Learning English?

English is the global language for trade, business, education and daily life across different cultures and countries. It is an essential language for any one human being to learn in order to excel in life. Many countries around the world have poured millions of dollars into investing in their people’s education of the language yet some countries are still languishing in their development and progress.

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Wordflex Touch Dictionary Review: An Interactive Dictionary with a Difference

wordflex touch dictionary


Get ready to improve your own English and turn into a contemporary Shakespeare with this Wordflex dictionary app. It utilises instinctive “mind-mapping” tools so that word entries can be turned into active trees which you’re able to move around, shape, re-organise, share and save with tapping gestures.

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Top Apps to Learn English

Top Contenders for the English Crown

From Rosetta Stone’s ubiquitous initial marketing campaign to DuoLingo’s millions of users around the world, learning English has never been such a well-assisted task. The apps for both Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are polished, high-end experiences that offer multiple languages, with English being just one of their diversity of options.

However, below you will also read about comparatively less-known apps Hello English and ABA English. In contrast to the previously-mentioned apps, these are apps dedicated to teaching you English and English only.

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Rosetta Stone English Review: An expensive but rewarding language package for learning English

Rosetta Stone

“If you want to learn to swim, you need to get in the water” is a phrase used on the Rosetta Stone website, and this certainly shows in this language-learning package’s content and methodology. Its approach to teaching the English language involves immersing the user in words and phrases, utilising a varied approach that involves lessons steadily increasing in complexity. It uses words, sentences, conversation mechanics, as well as a sights-and-sounds tactic to plunge the learner into the deep end of learning English.

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Hello English App Review: Achieve Your Learning English Ambitions with Fun Games and Well-Designed Challenges

hello english

What Is Hello English?

If you roll back the clock 10 years for one second and answer this question: what would have been your response if someone told you that becoming familiar with a new language could be achieved by sitting in front of your mobile phone? The answer almost certainly would be one of disbelief or at very least, extreme scepticism. But Hello English is an app that aims to go against this disbelief. So, what is Hello English, and how can it help people learn the English language?
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Duolingo Review: The Easiest Way to Learn English as a Beginner

duo lingo

Meeting the Brief

You may have already read some criticism of Duolingo online, and may be sceptical about exactly what its appeal is, or what it even is in the first place. Before turning your mind off to the app in the wake of this criticism, let’s see what this app is all about with out review. Duolingo, at its most basic, is an app designed to make the process of learning English not only fun, but more immersive, easier to digest, and more likely to hold your attention than a pile of textbooks or 6 months (or more) of traditional language lessons.  For this purpose, it can be said without reservation that Duolingo meets (and arguably exceeds) this brief.

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ABA English Review

At the outset of the learning experience, ABA English gives you the option to either dive right in to the learning process, or alternatively, offers you a proficiency test in order to calculate your level of skill in the comprehension of the language. The latter option certainly makes the most sense if the language-learner is unsure about their level of skill in understanding and answering questions on the basics of English, so the developer’s decision to include this proficiency test is a very good one.

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Writer Rumble: English Vocab Games Don’t Come More Original

We jumped onto Writer Rumble by Gamefly as soon as we managed to get our hands on it.  This is simply because the thought of being able to play with another writer in a video like game sounded far too good to be true.  Moreover, we are huge word game fans, which you’ve probably gathered already by now from our latest reviews of Spellwood and Spell Tower.  Whilst they are both excellent games (plus other ones in the same genre too), they virtually have the same simple premise. But, what do you think happens when you throw in a fighter-like component to such conventional word games? You finish up with Writer Rumble, obviously.

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